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Wrap Around Case Packer

This kind of Packer is to arrange bottle products on the mat conveyor first and then pack bottles/cans into the carton by means of dropping motions. Then the carton will be folded automatically by horizontal moving and then glued by the spraying glue. This kind of Packer is suitable for wrap around carton packing and tray packing. PET bottles, tinplate cans and aluminum cans can be applied to this machine. When the tinplate cans and aluminum cans are packed by this kind of our packer, the maximum speed can reach 28 cases per minute.  However, for the PET bottles, the maximum speed is 25 cases per minutes because PET bottles have higher height than can products.   The divider mechanism should be applied if square shape containers are applied to this machine.

裹包 機

此包裝機是於輸送網上先將瓶子整列後再藉由落差動作將瓶子包裝於紙 箱內,然後再經由水平位移將紙板折起來並且噴膠黏合,本包裝機可用於全紙箱或半紙箱的包裝,而且適用於PET瓶、 鐵鋁罐,當用於鐵鋁罐包裝時最高可達28/分,但PET瓶 高度較高所以最高只能達到25/分。若是包裝方瓶,在裹包機前方必需加裝分道器,因方瓶無法自行整 列進入軌道內。