Spraying Cooling Tunnel

Spraying Cooling Tunnel

The system uses hot water showering for sterilization and gradual cooling with 5-section treatment. It equips automatic chlorine dosing pump which can adjust chlorine dosing quantity according to water supply volume. Hot water is produced by steam heating device. The used water flows into water flume in the machine base and recycled by showering pump for using again. If the hot water temperature does not reach preset temperature value, it will be heated again by heating device. If hot water exceeds the preset temperature (the cooling water has been heated by heat of the bottles), it will be conveyed by recycle pump to cooling tower outside of workshop and cooled for reuse.

Bottle Warmer

Because carbonated soft drink usually adopts low-temperature (4-10℃) filling, but ambient temperature of workshop is much higher, so it is very easy to condensed dew on bottle surface which will bring trouble to the downstream as labeling. Especially, if using carton packing, the dew will make carton wet to cause serious damage. Therefore, after the filling machine, It is necessary to use a bottle warmer to heat the bottle to the ambient temperature. The warmer is tunnel type showering equipment which heats the bottle through spraying hot water for heat exchange. It usually has 3 temperature zones( more zones are possible). After heated by section, the bottle’s temperature could achieve ambient temperature, usually design for 30-35 ℃. Bottle warmer is mainly composed of machine base, conveying chain, transmission system, water storage flume, recycle pump, showering device, heating device and pipes. Exchanger could adopt steam plate type exchanger and electrical type exchanger.


该系统采用热水喷淋杀菌和逐步降温冷却的三段式处理。设备配置有自动加氯泵,可根据补水量调节加氯量。热水由蒸汽加热装置产生,使用后的水流入机架水槽,由喷淋泵循环使用。若热水温度达不到设 定温度,由加热装置再对其适当加温。若热水温度超过设定温度(该冷却用水已经被瓶内的热量升温),则由循环泵送至车间外的冷却塔(由用户自备)冷却后再循环使用。

由于碳酸饮料采用低温灌装(常用4-10℃),而夏季的室温远高于此 ,在这样的环境中 ,空气中的水分极易在瓶身外表面冷凝结露,给后续包装和操作带来不便,如贴标 。特别地 ,如果采用纸箱包装,则露水浸湿纸板,可造成严重破损 。所以在灌装机后必须设置一台温瓶机 ,对瓶身加热至室温。温瓶机是一台隧道式喷淋设备,通过循环喷淋热水的热交换方式加热瓶身,常设三个温区(也可设计更多的温区) ,分段加热后 ,饮料中心的温度达到室温,通常设计为30-35℃。温瓶机主要由机架、输送链板、传统系统、储水槽、循环泵、喷淋装置、加热装置及管路组成。加热器可采用蒸汽源的板式换热器或电加热器两种形式。