Our Products

2000BPH to 36,000BPH for Carbonated Beverage Product line.

2000 to 30,000 BPH for Soy Sauce Product Line.

2000BPH to 30,000 BPH for Beverage with Particle Product Line

All kinds of Water handle machines

PET injection machine and blowing machine

Beverage preparation, production line cleaning Sterilization system

0.5 Liter Drinking Bottle

0.5L Glass Bottle Filling Machine

0.5L Plastic Bottle Filling Machine

Pet Water Bottle Filling Machine

Blow Moulding Machine

Filling Machine

Bottle Capping Machine

Pet Perform

Bottle Making Machines

Liquid Filling Machine

Vodka Bottle Filling Machine

PET Blowing Machine

Pet Bottles for Drinking Water

Oil Filling Machine

Bottle Caps

20 Liter Bottle Blowing Machine