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Main use and Sphere of application

This automatic filling machine, could be applicable fix quantify filling of all kinds of seed oil, catsup, bechamel, granule drink and catsup. feed bottles by stainless steel conveyor; automatically open valve and feed caps with bottles; do not open valve .

Its characteristics are rational design, compact conformation and convenience operation and maintenance. Main machine is adopted frequency speed control, it runs placidity and credibility. Material of limb contacted with the material and appearance accessory is high quality stainless steel. After exchanging several accessories, it is used different kinds of bottle’s fix quality filling.

Operation of machine is controlled by advanced touch screen; it realized the communication with man and machine. Function of control system is followed: product speed control, automatic stop with fault and take count of output and so on..

Filling Part

Filling Method is based on piston’s up and down motion to produce suction and push out process, product transfers to packaging container’s filling section of basic components and this is the flow control valve, which is assembled through valve cover, piston and filling tubes. During the filling circulation, piston is moving backward at front position and raw material passes through flow control valve to transmit the cylinder, when piston reaches the end of the setting, flow control valve rotates to the lower discharge position, then piston moves forward and product passes through filling tubes and fill into the container.

Technical Parameter:

Filling accuracy: ±1--3ml

Height Of Transportation Belt1100-1200mm

Diameter of bottle: Φ40-120mm or by order

Height of bottle: 160-320mm or by order

Diameter of bottle neck: Φ25-38mm or by order

Compressed air pressure0.40.7Mpa

Feeding material pressure0.150.3Mpa

Material: Frame: stainless steel 304.



大量採用日本 NSK 軸承,降低灌裝機的故障率。

柱塞式灌裝部分灌裝閥,適用於灌裝各類醬料(如番茄醬、辣椒醬、 含米粒米酒、粒粒橙、各種水果醬、果泥等)、粘稠物料、高濃度及含果肉 或顆粒飲料,甚至純液體的定量灌裝。運行平穩、灌裝精確,適合冷、 熱灌裝。活塞及活塞筒經過尖端科技特殊處理,配合精密,經久耐磨。 果粒灌裝採用柱塞方式,果粒在灌裝缸中通過柱塞抽入定量缸中,當達到設定的量的時候,灌裝閥通過換向使定量缸由抽料通道換為灌裝通道, 然後柱塞在凸輪的作用下將定量缸中的果粒壓入瓶子中完成果粒的灌裝。

灌裝缸中帶有攪拌裝置,通過攪拌將料缸中的果粒與果汁的混合物料 達


電控系統:控箱採用優質不銹鋼製作,通過PLC對果肉灌裝機由進瓶到出瓶的全部過程進行自動控制。採用觸摸屏操作,生產速 度、班產量計數、故障類別、故障發生點等均顯示在螢幕上。並可自動統計故障發生時間、故障類別等資訊。