Automatic Paste Labeling Machine

Technical parameters

  1. Bottle diameter : 30―100MM

  2. Label length   : 30―300MM

  3. Speed 6000 BPH

  4. Label width   : 30―140MM

  5. Power  1.2KW 380V/50HZ

  6. Conveyor length 3Meter

  7. Weight   600KG

The automatic paste labeling machine combines the entire automatic process of gluing, marking, and labeling and photoelectric examination. With high automation and a wide range of application, the equipment enjoys the feature of convenient adjustment, operation and cleaning as well as a graceful shape.

It is applied to the labeling of nearly all the cylindrical containers in the fields of food, chemical industry, medicine, alcoholic drink, and beverage and so on. With convenient operation, the equipment can make fast changes of labeling work among the different shapes of bottles.