Low Flow Palletizer Option

Low-Flow Palletizer loads cartons at ground level by arranging and then feeds the cartons into a stacking platform that can be elevated. Then the cartons will be stackedlayer by layer on the pallet by vertical movement. Since the stacking platform will be elevated once after stacking every layer. The higher the stacking height is, the longer the duration of movement it takes. Therefore, the speed of a Low-Flow Palletizer will be lower than that of a High-Flow one. However, due to lower height for the carton feeding and carton arranging for Low-Flow Palletizer, it will be more convenient for the Conveyor interlocking and troubleshooting.

低床 式疊棧機

低床式疊棧機是紙箱於地面高度進入棧板機,在較低的高度下將紙箱排 列完成送進可昇降的堆積台,再藉由堆積台上下運動將紙箱一層一層堆疊於棧板上,因每堆疊一層堆積台就會昇降一次,堆疊高度越高動作時間越 長,所以低床式疊棧機其速度會較高床式慢一些,但因紙箱進入與排列高度低,所以輸送機的連接與排除問題較為方便。