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Category: OPP/BOPP Labeling Machines

Model No: HG-5000-OPP / Labelling

Product DetailSuitable for carbonated soft drinkpure waterdairyjuiceedible oilseasoningcleaner…etc, every kind of foodbeveragechemical industry and industrial products. Can apply to round or empty bottle. Labeling: Vertical wrap-around labeling, automatic label cutting, attached to glue and proceed labeling, suitable for hot or cold glue. Applicable containers: Cylindrical bottles with vertical labeling surface. Materials: Plastic bottle, metal (tin or aluminum) cans, glass bottles and paper containers (tennis ball containers)

Featerus Optiros

1. With a star-wheel carrying containers ...

With a star-wheel carrying containers firmly while dispensing, providing stable dispensing performance under high-speed operation. Also can choose screw for bottle inlet.

2. Use servo motor to synchronously ...

Use servo motor to synchronously tracks label supply, label cutting and use specially designed vacuum drum to ensure precise labeling.

3. Three-phase PLC and AC variable control

Three-phase PLC and AC variable control with a synchronized tracking and control system to maintain label cutting accuracy in different running speed.

4. Detecting in feed situation with sensor

Detecting in feed situation with sensor, automatically adjust labeling speed according to feeding situation of production line, making production line coherent.

5. System safety device:

System safety device: When malfunctions such as irregular torques and abnormal feeding occur, machine will automatically stop for operation safety and machine durability.

6. Label material:

Label material: OPP, BOPP, thermal-activity adhesives and matte paper.

OPP/BOPP 貼標機系 列/OPP 貼標機


貼標方 式:採立式全周貼標方式,標籤自動裁斷、自動吸附上膠後貼標,可使用冷膠或熱熔膠。

產品形 狀:貼標部分為垂直面之圓型瓶。

產品材 質:塑料瓶、金屬(馬口鐵罐或鋁罐)、玻璃瓶、紙類容器(網球罐)

產品類 型:a.食品類:糧油、調味品、飲料類、酒類、乳品等。


                    c.工業類:油品或其他圓柱 型工業容器。


1. 採星狀盤分瓶入料 ...


2. 標籤供應方式採用伺服馬達同步追蹤切斷 ...


3. AC三相變頻控制 ...

標籤裁斷精度。AC三相變頻控制,搭配PLC及 同步追蹤控制系統,不論高速或低速皆能保持

4. 使用電眼檢測入料狀況 ...


5. 系統安全裝置設計 ...


6 黏膠供應可選擇 ...

黏膠供應可選擇:熱熔膠、冷膠、熱活性黏 膠。