DePalletizer Option

This type of machine is the normal type because the bottle outputting height is similar with the height of the conveyor. Therefore, it is more convenient to connect with normal conveyor and more convenient for the operation and trouble-shooting. This machine is to unload the empty containers per layer on a pallet to the conveyor, and then to collect the partition between each layer automatically and stack in the collectors. The pallets are conveyed and stacked automatically. It is fast, automatic and manpower-saving. It is suitable for different sizes of containers, like tinplate cans, PE bottles, PET bottles, and glass bottles.Total empty container product height in one pallet (inclusive of pallet height) is 2500mm maximum.
Conveyor height is between 900mm and 1300mm.


此卸瓶機為一般常用機型,因為瓶子輸出高度與地面輸送機高度相 當,所以與一般輸送機連接較為方便且操作與排除問題亦較為方便,此機器是用來將排列於棧板上的新瓶缶,以機器自動的方式取放於輸送機上往前輸 送,並將瓶缶中間隔層板自動取出,放置收集器中,棧板自動輸送堆疊,快速自動化,節省人力資源,適合不同種類尺寸的罐頭與瓶子,如馬口鐵罐、PE瓶、PET瓶、玻璃瓶皆可使用。