This machine seizes the bottleneck of bottles on the conveyor belt with the movement of suspension, and then loads them into formed cartons or plastic baskets. It is mainly used for refrigerated products, alcoholic products or recycled glass bottles. When it is applied to the production line of recycled bottles, the former one of the machine can be used as unloading machine, and the latter one can be used as the packer. Both ends only differ in reverse movements.

裝卸瓶機 Packer/Unpacker

裝箱機是藉由懸臂的運動將輸送帶上的瓶子抓取瓶頸再位移裝進已成型 的紙箱或塑膠籠子內,此裝箱機主要是用於冷藏產品、酒類產品或玻璃瓶的回收瓶。當設於回收瓶的生產線時,前端可作為卸瓶機,末端可當做裝 箱機,其只是動作相反而已。