Carbonated Drink Filling Line

Carbonated Drink Filling Line

Application: All kinds of Carbonated Soft Drink.Applied Containers: PET bottles with various capacities and shapes.Filling System: Mechanical valve.

Capacity: 3,000-36,000BPH.

Product’s Scope: Blowing molding system, air compressor system, mixer ,filling system , purification system, caps sterilization system, bottle warmer, sterile air system, filled bottle conveying system, labelling machine, carton/film packing machine, palletizer, electric control, engineering design and construction.


1、In order to meet the requirement of food hygiene, all parts in contact with liquid are made of stainless steel or nontoxic material, typically.

2、The airproof parts are made of heat resistant rubber, thereby suiting the process requirement of high temperature for sterilization.

3、Due to the use of PLC system, our carbonated beverage filling machine, beer filling machine realize automatic control of all procedures, from bottle feeding to final packing.

4、The utilization of frequency conversion control enables the users to conveniently adjust the equipment. 5、The mechanical filling valve used on the isobaric filling can be、ensured the produce quality.6、The capping quality is well guaranteed by the advanced magnetic clutch device and adjustable capping torque.


适用于: 所有含气饮料

适用容积: 各种大小的PET瓶

产品构成: 吹瓶机,空压机,混合机,灌装机,过滤器,盖消毒温瓶机,无菌空气,实瓶输送,标签机,纸箱/膜包机,码垛机,电器控制,工程设计与建造。