Bottle Tilting Sterilization Chain

This machine is required mainly for Hot Fill Production Line. We sterilize the caps by means of the product temperature after filling and capping. The bottle inverting process is continuous and turning the bottles to over the horizontal line to make the air inside the bottles totally being discharged to the bottle bottom to reach the perfect sterilization effect on the cap.


   The bottle inverting duration is set according to the product features. For instance, the bottle inverting duration for neutrality drinks like oolong tea should be over 30 seconds. However, the bottle inverting duration for acidity drinks like sports drink will be shorter. The most appropriate way is that the customers provide the experimental data for us to design the length of this machine.

倒瓶殺菌 機

轉倒殺菌機主要是運用於熱充填產品的生產線上,其乃是利用充填封蓋 完成後之瓶內產品溫度來做瓶蓋殺菌,而轉倒過程採連續式的將瓶子轉至超過水平使瓶口空氣完全排至瓶底,以達到瓶蓋完全殺菌效果。