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Bottle Conveyor System

The speed capacity efficiency is related to the conveyor collocation .It’s a must to consider the temporary stop (such as: Label change) which should not affect the previous section running and also the coordination with the left part. Our production line layout fully considers the client investment and using efficiency.

It brings in the German technique and developed the design. Most of the parts adopts the punching and bending , which has good rigidity , lighter and easier exchange .Stable transportation ,easy maintenance ,applicable for diameterφ40φ96 mm bottle

It’s equipped with full bottle sensor in each section, All the section are linkage control. , which meets the demand for the trace.

Main Features

1) Stable conveying, using synchronous chasing control between the conveying belt and engine, making bottles in good condition in the conveying: non-falling, non-block, non-jam.

2) Conveying belt is designed by module, component can be interchanged easily, compact structure, little noise, easy assembling and maintenance, have flexibility to combine the bottle type according to the different capacity.

3) The design of electrical control is advanced and rational. We can design the control method , select the electrical control component according to client’s layout, to improve the conveying stability

4) Bottle protection rail should be fixed according to the demand , fix the bending point as well according to theory and real bottle out speed change(geometric proportion increase or reduce ).While set the synchronized control between conveyor and motor to avoid the falling ,jam and block.

5) Set the switch position according to conveyor layout or client’s demand for easy operation

6) It adopts SUS304 stainless steel; the conveyor rank adopts two foot support; protection rack uses the stainless steel.

7) Main electrical component are OMRON, MITSUBISHI and etc.

PET空瓶通常採用風力輸送(風道),滿瓶採用平頂鏈輸送,標配工程塑料鏈板,玻璃瓶含汽線採用不銹鋼 鏈板。冷瓶機、溫瓶機、保溫殺菌隧道的網鏈均採用耐熱材料。二次包装件(膜包/箱包)则可选滚筒式或网链式输送。

輸送系統的運行狀態直接影響到整線效率。緩衝時間(長度)、轉彎和變道結構、鏈板(網)頂面的平整 度、傳動和調速控制等均採用最合理、最優化的設計,同時配合高水準的安裝調試,能夠保證輸送線運行的順暢和平穩。