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Automatic Tube UHT Sterilizer

Brief introduction

The tube type sterilizing equipment is used for sterilizing milk, fruit juice, drink or other liquids.It is an ideal equipment for sterilizing, cooling materials to extend the shelf life. It can heat, sterilizing, cool different materials accroding to different technique demands of the consumers. Its automation level is high and the control is steady and accurate.Full-Auto Control, High temperature alarm, Low temperature backflow, Pipe material:SUS316.

管式殺菌成套設備是專門為乳品,果汁,飲料,或類似流體的一次殺菌設備,是物料通過殺菌,冷卻達到保質期目的的理想設備。 可根據用戶對不同物料的加熱,殺菌,保溫冷卻的不同工藝要求,進行流程組合設計,具有各種安全保護措施,自動化程度高,控制穩定精確。

Automatic Plate UHT Sterilizer

This full set of machine is mainly used for pasteurism, ultra-pasteurism and ultra-high temperature sterilization of liquid substances, such as milk, juice, tea drinks, beers and healthy drinks. After the sterilization and cooling, those substances can be kept for longer time. To meet different requirements of sterilization, warming and cooling technique, a mix of single, double or multi-segment system can be designed. The equipment boasts a high heat recycling rate. With compact structure, it takes relatively small space. With flexible working flow, it is easy to operate and maintain. This makes is popular among customers. CIP system can also be added to it at the request of customer.

板式殺菌機成套設備,適用於乳品、果汁、茶飲料、啤酒、保健飲料等液體物料的巴 氏、超巴氏、超高溫殺菌。物料通過本設備殺菌冷卻達到延長保質期的目的。並根據用戶對物料殺菌、保溫、冷卻的不同工藝的要求,進行單段、 雙段、多段形式的組合系統設計。本設備具有很高的熱回收率,設備結構緊湊,占地面積小,流程變化靈活,容易操作與維修,深得用戶青睞。也 可根據客戶的需要製造含CIP系統的超高溫殺菌設備。