Auto Depalletizer

Auto Depalletizer

General Introduction

The empty bottles are transferred to filler through pitch-changing screw and bottle in-feed star wheel via conveyor and sent to the bottle holder on the elevating cylinder of the filler. The bottle then is hold up and contact with the sealing valve. During this lifting process, the vacuuming device will vacuum twice to bottles.

After the control cylinder gets the bottle signal, the gas is injected to the bottle, and then the bear is injected. If the bottle blasts, then the cleaning starts automatically. After some period of filling, the bear seals the muffler, and the filling stops automatically. The valve closes, and the gas is discharged. Then bottle leaves the filling valve with the help of the elevating cylinder via the cam. Then the bottle is sent to the capper through the star wheel. The capping head will press the cap to the bottle with the help of gland plunge. Then the capping head returns to its original place, and the bottle is sent out through the transferring chain and enters the next process.

The follow main groups are composing the machine

- Painted steel main structure

- Structure with two columns and counterweights for trolley translation.

- Driven horizontal sliding trolley for layer transfer .It is supplied with gripping pincers and layer centering.

- Pincers for layer-pad grip during layer transfer from pallet to the middle position between discharge conveyor and pallet conveyor.

- A full pallet stacker

- Full pallets to be placed in position by a fork lift and empty pallets removed by hand.

- Table top 4 way conveyor with different speed, drive unit with variable speed drive and pneumatic anti-jamming device.

- Chain driven conveyor for full pallet loading and transport

- Chain driven conveyor connecting the depalletizer to the pallet stacker.

- A mesh belt discharge conveyor

- Automatic layer-board remover with interleaf store

- Motors for the depalletizer

- Safety protection

- Electric installation and electric control board with PLC