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Our company Hong Guan Company founded in 2001, Our company specialized in Food and Beverage machines for more than 60 years’ experience.

Hong Guan Company is a mechanical manufacturing company engaged in researching, developing, designing, manufacturing, assembling, and consulting services for biotechnology and food processing industry. Hong Guan Company has undergone and experienced a unique process of development and will continue to serve our customers with outstanding and innovative products.

Our technology comes from Germany and Japan. We do not copy theirs, we buy the drawing from these famous factories and invite their engineers come here and teach us and give us directions. Then our technique is improving quickly.

We also sent our designer drawing and technique to China as well as factory. Six years ago, we set up a sub-factory in China mainland. Owning a strong and active professional beverage machine manufacture term is the source of Hong Guan growing. Now, our company has 10 employees in Taiwan mainly in charge of researching and developing equipment and improving equipment. And we also have more than 100 employees in China. There are many professional talents of food and engineering technology. There are two food science technology doctors, five masters and twelve high professional engineers. We can provide marketing position analysis, the design of construction budget, equipment art dispose, worker operation train; deliver key engineering and related service.